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Shut up N Read

Monday, June 11, 2012

10:55PM - Well Well.. if it ain't you..

So hi. >.> long time no talk. how are you?

In two months I'll be 27. Reading just a few past entries, I can finally say I've done something by this age now. Just got back from an amazing trip of backpacking thru Europe about a month ago. I am now a massage therapist. And a pretty damn good one if I do say so myself. >8) Altho, I am single. So much crap has gone down in that department. Some days I start to feel like my childhood prediction I once told my mother is going to come true: I wont be married because I'll be half way around the world on some dig and won't have time for a family. I don't know if that statement I probably made when I was 6 makes me happy or not. Some moments I actually think that sounds awesome, and some times I think its incredibly sad hahaha.. but then i laugh.. However, after my trip, I would like to eventually go back to school and study archeaology. If it took me somewhere, I would only be so lucky.

Gah, I feel like even the last time I updated this, technology has vastly changed. So weird. I can now listen to music streaming from Pandora, bouncing off the wifi in my house. >.< crazy times.

I at least feel like myself again in a really long time. Slowly learning to make MYSELF happy. Another thing due to my trip to Europe. Over there I had no time to be sad. Why worry about normal everyday things when there's so much to see and do over there. Traveling I guess does that and now im addicted to the "takes you away from it all" feeling. As well as the adventure of constantly somewhere new. New people, new horizons. And these new experiences making you feel alive and renewed. I encourage everyone to travel outside the US. Get a feel for how different people live and view life. What other people's stories are. It was actually easy to start talking to people you meet in hostels because you're already on the same page with them. You're traveling. Instantly you have something in common. All you have to say is "HI" and the ice is broken. Oh lets have a drink at the happy hour! Oh, you're one of our roomates? No way!? We're in that room too! haha so funny.. I don't know how many times we did that haha. Would definitely love to travel a lot more before I have to settle down and be "stationary." Maybe this is why it's a good thing I'm single.. Relationships CAN make you stationary. Not always, but it can be a factor sometimes. And you'd have thought I would have known that already...
I don't know how I became so complacent in my life before that. And I don't know how I'm not completely jaded against love today. Or maybe I am?

Current mood: contemplative

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm 25. TWENTY-FIVE! ... I don't feel old but oldER. I definitely don't feel 21 anymore and very very far from 18 feeling. Not that I really want to feel that way, 25 is good. It's interesting to look back and realize that I am a quarter of a century old. I guess it's one of those landmarks that one hits and is supposed to reflect upon. I'm trying hard to not freak myself out; quite frankly, that's getting hard to do. Although, I like to think I'm an optimistic person, one definitely goes through "those" moments. I'd be lying if I wasn't scared... I'm scared. I had/have so much I'd like to do and now for some reason I feel the pressure of marriage and kids. Those two things means to be stationary. As much as I don't worry about that, I am more concerned with having the flexibility of being able to move around. I was thinking the other day, talking to my fellow classmates, with this career choice I'm on, it is nice to be able to take it anywhere. A massage therapist is in demand just about anywhere in the US. And I can also use this knowledge in so many different ways. I was telling my friends at school how I was thinking about working for a cruise ship some day, if it's maybe only for 6 months or whatever. I could work in Hawaii. My ultimate goal I guess would be to own my own shop for massage. However, that would be more appropriate later in life, when I'm settled, married and bearing children. Stationary. I'm scared to have kids now. And I don't know why really... I've always thought about it and it was always a nice thought. I really didn't think I would be afraid of getting older. Yeah, there's the whole aging of the body, and I think so far I've been dealing with that rather well because I have an awesome family to look at. Everyone older than me is beautiful. I like to eat healthy and exercise. what I'm afraid of, I think, is losing my youth, my passion for being crazy, my dreams when I was younger. I'm scared I'll never do some of the things I used to sit around and day dream about constantly.

Ugh.. ranting..

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

5:01PM - let's bring back liveJ

Last night was soo much fun! haha
Went over to Meli's house around 9pm and i wasn't sure who else was going to show up, but i was the first one. so we got to our normal talking about silly topics. Justin called me and when i got off the phone, Melissa was like, "you change your voice when you're on the phone with him. hehe" hahaha i know i do its so funny. its just something we do. I told him that when he called me earlier today. he said, "its your special voice for me!" i love him haha.
haha Oh! i was sittin in her room and her dad walks by haha, he had just come out of the shower. hehe it was cute coz he looks in the room and goes OOOH!!! and i just cover my face giggling.
We end up just waiting for Joie. he went for a bike ride down to the beach and back. crashzzy boy. Joiey doesnt show up until about 10. We were planning to go to DTF but kept debating what we really wanted to do. so we said, what the heck lets just go to fullerton and check out a bar. i wasnt really planning to drink so i said i'd be the DD and drove them down there. We got awesome parking by the way haha.
We ended up going to Florentines. haha their drink prices are awesome! we started off the night with strong ass jagerbomb shots($5 each, thx meli) and then round 2 was washington apple shots($2 each) and round 3 was kamakazis($2 each, thx joey). right after we took round 1, the dj started doing a whole homage remix to the legend Michael Jackson. (may he RIP) and it was so much fun! I kept hoping he would play "Rock with YOu" and yay he did! he played a few other favs that we were rocking to just sitting there, but when rock with you came on i was like we have to at least stand up and dance to it. haha Joey looked sooo bored he was just sitting there while meli and i danced next to the table hehe.
we got a lil buzz from all that stuff we did haha and decided to hit up somewhere else. We ended up walking allllll overrr dtf LOL. although, for future reference we should know where all the bars are located now haha. I'm glad i forgot to put on my heals and stayed in my slippas. StubRiks was our final destination. Originally, Joey wanted a beer hhaha but half way walking in there he leaned over to me and said he wanted something stronger like a Tokyo Tea hahaha. Him and Meli walked up to the bar and i guess the bartender thought joie ordered 2 of them haha coz Meli hadn't ordered but we see the guy making 2. There was a live band in there playing some cool songs. We found a seat and listened for a bit until they finished. Now it wasn't as loud so we could talk dirt. hahha omg sitting there talking was hilarious. these older women came in and sat a table away from us and i swear they kept staring at us, it was weird. so i felt myself constantly laughing at what we were talking about. It was so much fun ;p sharing some dirty stories and what not.
Hrmm, i'd say by now its maybe 130ish? or probably closer to 2 coz i think it was just about closing time. Head back to the truck and head back to meliss'a house. hahah we ended up in her garage playing a little ping-pong for the longest time. not really keeping score but just smacking the ball around back and forth while we sat and talked more. I convinced meli that she wanted a lil something more to drink ahha which ended up in all of us having another tiny drink ;p. talking more about what we'd like to do haha. I think Joey and i are going to try and get meli to go with us to a rave some day, just for the experience. We've all never been, i've really been wanting to go to one for a while now and we all know people that go to them. i think that would make for an interesting night! no pressure to take anything, just maybe a drink or two and have fun dancing and listening to music =D . i always kind of wished my first time might be with justin, but i think this would be the next best thing; to go with some besties, yay!
its awesome that we're still close. we were talking about how long we've known each other. i've known Melissa now for 11 years and JOey would be coming up on 7 years!
We were also talking about possibly going to vegas together at the end of july! that would be sooooo much fun! i havent been there since last year... and that trip ended a lil sad. However, the last time i went there with my friends was when we were 18 haha. so its definately been a while since i've done Vegas and we're older now, we'd be able to do better stuff. Joey and Melissa are going to buy each other a lap dance!!!! haha i heard it!1 hahah ;p It really would be a LOT of fun.

Yesterday too, before i went over to Meli's i was watching Woodstock with my dad hahah. it really is insteresting. I want to watch the rest of it, i wonder if my dad finished it last night.

Current mood: silly

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6:00PM - my my

the weather here in the quiet little town of La Grande, Oregon has been pretty interesting as of late. haha. about 2 nights ago it got really windy and the power went out. then the next day it rained ALL day, night came and the temperature dropped so it snowed all morning. so then (now yesterday) it rained in the after noon and melted all the snow away and then was somewhat sunny. haha this morning it started to hail, then rain, then snow hahaha.. it is now 6pm and it looks sunny/cloudy and the ground probably just wet.
it just cant make up its mind today haha. it looks fairly windy outside tho. and wind here sux! i dont mind the rain and i dont mind the snow but i really do hate wind haha. the wind is the coldest and makes your skin super dry. thankfully, i dont have to go outside much haha.
it normally averages about 32 degrees in the evenings maybe dropping to high 20s at night and durring the day it is around 40s to 50s. im starting to get the skin for this place haha. when its like 50s and the sun is the only thing in the sky and NO wind... then its pretty warm hahaha. Like i've said before. California doesnt know what cold is hehehe. 68 to 70ish is the temp indoors. which i remember being cold in california haha. wearing the right clothes helps ;p

the dryness compared to southern california's perfect humidity is the main killer haha. when i first got here my face broke out like crazy due to dryness. i guess it was more like irritation because it wasnt used to such dry conditions. My skin likes the beach climate haha. i miss!!!

school is about to start for me AHHHHH!!! im not lookin forward to homework haha but my degree I AM! so i'll put in the work ;p

Alli in the snow

Current mood: calm

Saturday, August 30, 2008


so it's been a while..

first of all, i really dont know who reads this site anymore.. but i want to apologize to my closest friends. I've been very MIA with reason and also the fact that im probably a loser. But i would like to say to you out there that i miss you very very much and of course still love you. I hope you still love me even though i've been rude. I need to get my life back on track. Been doing a lot of thinking. I've been very emotional these past few days because i feel like such a failure.
you'll see one day.. you'll be proud of me.
i want to become a writer. that's for sure. and always kind of has been a goal of mine. an adventure novel as well as just a person philosophies book. all kinds of scripts. hey, maybe even a cook book or some type of informational book. and even a children's book perhaps. I live too much in my head, with such a heavy influence from movies and adventure/thriller books, sometimes i forget this reality.
i want to be a photographer. haha oh yea add in coffee table books filled with my pictures. The other day i had an idea for taking pictures all the way down Beach Blvd. You always see something crazy on that street.
but i love taking pictures of a whole lot of things. i just need to do it more.
i want to open a flower shop.. filled with exotic flowers that are grown from my back yard or something.
i want to be a studier. to be a historian and be a curator of a museum. to be a marine biologist and a zoologist and have jeff corwin's job.
i want to grow old with justin.
i want to break out of my shy shell and not give a flying you know what about what other people think. and i swear i've had that down. however the biggest thing to not give a flying fuck about is being judged by the closest people to me, my loved ones. you know, who cares if you make a fool of yourself infront of strangers. you'll probably never see them again anyway, but your parents and family (which you know family gossips too..) your best friends, maybe even your significant other, those are hard to replace if you let them down. BUT!!! at the same time, why feel so insecure infront of these people? they are where they are in your life because they already like/love you. why would their opinions of you change? or if they laugh at you, its more out of love right? like how an older sibling or cousin will tease the younger?

ahhhh... LIfe is a long trip. it's also short at the same time. there's 2 sides to this 23 business.. part of me says, "there's a lot of life to live, i should do as many things as possible and there's still a whole lot of time to do it." the other part of me says, "omg im 23 and what do i have to show for it?" That seems like ridiculous thinking, but i guess that's the human pshychy.

Change is coming.
that's for sure. You didn't get that from Barak Obama's speech? Personally that's how im going to vote..
but even if its not the government im talking about, i feel like the whole world is going to change. or at least my world.

its hard to change your life. especially when your parents are breathing down your neck to stay as a full time student, when you really are not sure which path to take at the moment. This is one reason why i feel like such a failure. i havent been very focused in school lately and i just want to take a real break. i've been taking stupid little classes at cypress to try and keep me on track, to keep up the image of going to school, tring to figure out something. im just tired of it all. all the nonsense classes. i need to be focused.

justin is moving back to oregon soon. and i am concidering moving with him. its not set in stone just yet but i am really leaning that way on the fence. i haven't yet broken the news to anyone really, but my parents especially. im scared what they'll say, but at the same time i think, "what the hell, im 23!" im an adult, i should be able to move where i want. It'll be practice for a full moving out on my own. justin will be with me helping me and his family all lives there. I keep going over and over the different conversations in my head of telling them. How will they react when i tell them that their only child is going to move away to another state. Now i was going to move to hawaii with my cousin, but i feel like that is entirely different in comfort level for my mom. I was going to move in with my aunt and cousin. BUT across the ocean! In this case im just going up north. visiting would be much easier. good things: cost of living is lower and there's virtually no crime there. its almost a sin to lock your door there.
honestly, i feel like this move will open a lot of things for me. I feel like i'll be able to do a lot of the things i want to do that i wrote up above. write, take up photography in the nature there, and perhaps study at the university there. and maybe if there's prgrams, take up a message therapy. plus i'll just have my own space. hopefully get and apartment or house and just fill it with my mind space, haha as well as love and food!
I've always been scared of moving away from my family, and yea moving does scare me, but this time its a good scared. YOu know, like when you're scared of going on a huge rollercoaster but once you're on it, you're having the time of your life. My life has always been based on timing. even ask my mother, she knows this. I finally can say OK lets do it! i get a good feeling in my gut when i think about moving away. I just need a change. change of scenory, change of life style. i would like to see if i can make it on my own. my sixth sense is getting good vibes.
im not exactly doing things the conventional way, but i feel like i've kinda never done things the conventional way. i have big goals for myself im just trying to find the right way to get there.
i think, once you find that "soul mate" person, you live your life very differently. i found mine in my early 20s which sometimes i find myself questioning if its a good thing or a bad thing. well i dont necessarily think its a bad thing, but there's a lot of things i would have done differently without him.

if you are reading this, please dont go all public with me moving. haha i know i just wrote it in public but i really dont want anybody to know. if you read this then you're lucky. honestly i was probably only going to tell antonio. however, if someone asks about me, dont lie.

i miss livejournal. i really need to come back and write out my ideas like i used to in high school. plus i think it helps focus my mind on one item at a time. there's usually a 100 things im thinking about, yet when i get in a room alone with someone that i need to start making small chitchat... i go blank.. go figure.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8:27PM - Too Long - Daft Punk

so yea, from my title, i've fallen head over heals for Daft Punk's Interstella 5555 (The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem).


click that if you wanna watch it. It's fun. i havent watched anime in so long, and i guess i found that i miss it a lil haha. But yea its a lil mini anime movie. No talking, just Daft Punk's whole album. its good stuff.

I almost forgot about this place. so tonight i just thought of it and wanted to post. say hi to livejournal and you all.
I've been a lil out of it, but im going to start working out again. my goal is to pretty much get my high school body back.
im so sick of people telling me im skinny! i hate it! its like telling a fat person, they're fat. like what the fuck. no one says it to me anymore as a sign of "oh how cute you're skinny", its "ew you're skinny, eat something, you're too thin." as if i have an eating disorder.. i hate that! stop judging me and shut the effe up leave me alone about my body. people making me feel bad about myself. i have a high self esteem when it comes to my body image and you people are tearing that down.
now that i vented that.
but i have been wanting to work out again; i miss being strong physically. Plus i wanna start dancing again, and i def need to be in shape for that.
plus, my dad now has 2 jobs compared to 6 months ago from him being laid off his job. yay! he pretty much got a 6 month paid vacation.
he's a trainer at this elite training place. pretty cool. and they're letting him take on any one to learn better on how to train different types of people. so i guess technically if you wanna drive out here you can get a presonal trainer for free at this top place ;p haha. but yea i think my dad is gunna have me start next week. should be interesting, concidering i kinda know my way around a gym already and i have uber muscle memory.

arg. and i need a dress!!! none at cerritos mall. i went 2ice and found zip. and the dresses i tried on looks horrible on me, and the dresses i wanted were all in medium or larger. BOOski!
i really dont know where else to look right now haha. i guess tmw i'll go down to my local mervyns and see what's up on there. i guess i have 3 days haha.. i really dont know what im going to do if i dont find one.. haha wear the same one from last year??? i really really loved that dress hehe.

hrm.. what else.
i realy have been living in my own lil box of a world. i rarely talk to anyone and even more rarely go out anywhere special. i've become a lil lame ass. but i dont care, i've been content with it. been doing a lot of contemplating too. which still doesnt land me anywhere specific but i guess a tad closer.

in more personal news, so many things have clicked in my head about things i have been worrying myself over. No need anymore. It's so much easir when you have all the pieces to your puzzle. And it's so weird how you precieve things when you don't. I think that's one reason why men and women have such communication problems. blah.

"the scientist inside me is trying to get out!"

Current mood: yay

Friday, September 14, 2007

3:22PM - My trip is already over

so i just cancelled, or well my dad just called to cancel my plane ticket that would've taken me off to the hawaiian islands. i am a lil bumbed but at the same time i guess a lil relieved haha. coz now i dont have to pack and i dont have to sit on a plane fo 5 hours haha. sad side, i have to wait to see my cousin lawry.

upside to us just calling in to see if we can cancel my ticket. i get credit. i can call up travelocity to reissue my ticket. so that's cool, i can still go within a year haha which will def. get used!

still having health issues and after long talks and hearing other person's reasoning, it just makes sense that i dont go until i figure out what exactly is wrong with me (health wise hahaha.)
I've been having strange allergic reactions and having itchy bumps on my skin. on the inside i feel perfectly fine, which is good, but my skin and not knowing EXACTLY why im having weird breakouts of red itchy things is not cool. and like a lot of people have told me, health comes first and is more important right now.. so yea.

altho i bet my parents are probably relieved.. haha i know my mom would have worried about me if i went there with my weird condition and she would've even if i was fine haha.
and Justin is happy im staying. the other night he was telling me that i cant ever leave him and he said sorry, but you're stuck with me.. sorry hahaha. i thought that was cute.

also me about to be going has made me really want to hang out with my (close) friends more! I've learned a lot lately of who my real friends are these past 2 months. and i dont mean like other people arent my friends but i've just learned who i can count on more and who i really want in my life and who i can somewhat care less about. and i dont mean that in a bad way i just mean that i've come to terms with it. and im not locking them out of my life im just fine with it.

i guess im going to look for a job here. now i can possibly get that bookstore job i've been wanting.

hello socal. im here to stay.. FOR NOW! (:

Sunday, August 26, 2007


blah.. so im allergic to penecillin.. woot woot... ):
i have red spots ALL over and its the worst on my chest, neck and face. boo. and then i have spots in little patches or just random spots all over the rest of my body. totally sucks.. i guess sometimes it itches but most of them dont bother me. they just made me feel really ugly. i guess as long as i dont think about it much my face is actually ok.. i think when i really think about it then it makes my face flushed and so my face looks really bad. its just gross because you feel pretty much anywhere on my chest, back or neck and face.. that its all bumpy feeling.. its sad to touch yourself and not feel nice smooth skin where you're used to it.
i guess at least i dont have to go to school looking like this right now. i just have to rest.
i was thinking that its been about a week that i'd been on amoxicillin and this finally occured.. but i think it took so long because i've always believed that i've had a really really strong immune system.. so that explains why i've been soo tired. that my body was just working so hard 24/7 to fight my infection as well as my medication..
so now i've stopped of course taking the amoxicillin and i start steroids tmw morning to help my body get back to normal.
im just tired of being sick and completely out of it.. i've been so like under house arrest because i only leave to go to the doctors or the hospital.. and i've only left 2ice to visit justin because i thought i was finally getting better. but now this .. i dont want anyone to see me.
oh well, im trying to stay positive because i dont wanna cry over it. and also positivity is always helpful thru recovery.

Current mood: exhausted

Monday, August 6, 2007


happy birthday to me!

i honestly dont feel 22.. last night lil brandon asked me how old i was and i almost said 21 hahaha.
last night i showed up to the condos and i drove by and chen waved me down to stop. haha and she was trying to give me a hard time and then after she was like, "hey isnt it your birthday now?" and i looked at my phone at it was 12:00am on the dot haha. so i was like HEY~! yay! and we hugged it out haha. then brandon came over to talk to us too haha, he was all drunk it was funny. he kept saying happy birthday to me and he sang me happy birthday 2ice.. haha once as normal and then the second time was like marilyn manroe hahah...
that was funny tho, the first 20 minutes into my birthday was great hahah! i <3 chen. and brandon cracked me up!

then i walked into justin's house. hung out. he's so great! <3

haha i came home today and my parents were painting my bathroom. oh man its bright!
i guess they're going to take me to TGIF for dinner. Oo with makes me think, i need to take a shower.. i guess i might have to use the other shower.

and my last week's party. .. well it was eventually fun.
Thank you to you guys that actually came and STAYED. it meant a lot to me. i was bummed that only so many people came but then eventually some people came and we started drinking and we made our own fun and it was great stuff! haha i have soooo much alcohol left over its crazy. and JonJon came out! aw i love my cuzn! and he's so good looking haha i have to admit. but yea he's cool. it was funny that he was buying me beer and stuff. I cant wait to go out to a bar with him and his friends i think that would be a lot of fun! He's a firefighter you know.. haha it cracks me up that he loves that his job title is attractive to people. ahaha. im so proud of him tho. and im sooo freakin sad that i didnt take any pictures with him! haha the tequila i guess got to us to even think about it! XD

Friday, June 29, 2007


ok i've been having really weird dreams these past 2 nights.. both nights i had 2 kids. a girl and a boy. the girl was maybe 4 or 5 and the lil boy was supposed to be a baby but he looked 1ish. i mean like in this morning's dream he was supposed to be 2 days old but he looked like 6 months old haha. but yea. weird thing is .. they were born from like a fleshy egg hahaha. like i layed this egg looking thing but it was flesh. i dunno so weird. but yea that's how he was supposed to be 2 days old. and another weird thing, is that in this morning's dream, my daughter was kidnapped and i was crying all frantically and i was like omg im gunna miss school! i cant go coz i have to find my daughter hahaha. wth? but yea. i was also just alone with my parents to cry to. in the other morning's dream i was with justin, i guess as if he was my "husband" or at least my kids' dad.
but oh man, my kids were kyyyyyyUTE! hahaha. my lil girl had like long light light brown hair and it was slightly curly at the ends. and my baby boy was a cutie too haha and he had a shaved head hahahaha.. like i remember running my hands thru his hair and it felt like someone just buzzed it? so weird. but it was cute.
one thing that is kinda weird, is that whenever i have kid dreams, im sooo happy in them. i mean like yea i as crying in this one coz someone was kidnapped, but i mean in the back of my head i was sincerely happy i had kids. kind of like a joy of my life. like i wasnt all.. OMG i have kids and im young?? it was just yea and i heart my kids. i guess that stems from knowing so many family members have kids when they were young and seeing my family's response to it. I dont have to worry about if i ever got pregnant at a young age that my family would throw me out on my own and disown me. it might be frowned upon in the very beginning but it really wouldnt be that big of a deal i guess; which is nice to know.

Current mood: amused

Sunday, June 24, 2007

4:05PM - the Hiphopapotomus vs. Rhymenocerus

Flight of the Conchords
i heart

Saturday, June 23, 2007


things have been interesting lately.
i've been hanging out with new people. and its fun. i kinda feel like i've hung out with these people many times before. i guess it does help when you've kinda known one of them for year and years but haha only thru words.. well im talking about billvick. i've always known him maybe since freshman year and he was a senior but i've always just talk to him on aim or a little on the phone back in the day. i guess we used to "talk" a bit. i think i've always had a crush on him.
but anyway. so yea i started hanging out with him, ray, allan, ivan, brian and whoever else wants to chill. it is a lil different because here im so young to these people haha! they're like 25/26 or 23 haha. its fun tho. i guess as long as you're over 21 its all good coz you can go out to have a drink.
i've always liked having more than one group of people to hang out with. but its cool, i feel like i fit in. besides i guess i've always been able to get along with guys so much better anyway haha.
fun stuff tho.
i am always talking to ray about WOW hahaha its funny. and he's always telling me that im so hot for talking to him about world of warcraft haha .. pretty much coz im not the typical girl that plays if you wanna stereotype haha. and yay he made a char on my server, garithos. so ima try to help him lvl and we can play together.

Oo i really wanna see Eagle Vs. Shark now haha.. i just realized Jemaine is in it from Flight of the Conchords.. i think i have a slight crush on him hahaha. i love his voice. New Zealand accent.. cutie. haha and he's not even that attractive but its cute i guess. i dunno.
i'd actually like to watch it with fernie since he likes watching indie films. maybe make him finally come out of being emo about me. hahaha. progress.. he did IM me the other day.. Ooo woot woot.. lame! but yea.

ok that is all (:

Monday, June 18, 2007

9:09PM - quickie

haha i just watched FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS with my dad.
one night probably like a year ago or something, i was watching tv with my dad and he was flipping around the channels late at night and we came across these guys probably on comedy central. hahaha their songs are funny coz they're like situational. so this show is almost like putting their songs to life. its pretty funny.
too bad its only on HBO so most of you guys cant watch it.

in other news.. too bad the fern is being emo. i was hoping to get new music from him. i had fun chillen with him but he's being uber weird and im kinda over it now.
so i was thinking about like dropping off his movie on his portch and ring the doorbell and then walk back to my car and drive away. and or put a letter in the cover. meh. too much work? or i could just keep it hahaha..
i borrowed THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP because i've been wanting to see it and he had it. i liked it, cute movie. some parts reminds me of how we are and then other parts just reminded me of my life hahaha..
intersting movie tho.
too bad tho.. i think we'd have a lot of fun if we hung out more. his loss..
weird thing too. he's generally not my type, but maybe that's why i enjoy him so much. is because he is very different than someone i'd normally hang out with.
whatever. i thought we connected. but i think he scared himself.

Oo ps. all i want to do is listen to my playlist on my myspace hahaha.. i love it.
now i just need to make cds..
put a fork in me.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


yay woke up early and went to the beach today!
picked up hyd. and met up with em and dani down at bolsa chica!
it felt good down there.
(ew! just now when i typed good, i typed "doog")
ya.. im tired!

Friday, June 8, 2007


hahahaha AH! last night was sooo much fun!
and i've only slept like 40 minutes haha and of course i slept it thru passions! oh well. but yea. ::sigh::
hehehe.. i like.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


omg haha im still up..
haha wonder why.
great conversation will do that to you!

hahaha dang.. i didnt go to bed until like 8am.. goodness!

Friday, June 1, 2007

5:15PM - The f-f-FITH ELEment

oh man, last night was awesome!! i got to see one of my favorite movies at the theaters! sooo much fun! plus, when you do that you get to sit in a theater full of other people that have just the same amount of love for the movie. so cool. the sound was better of course and out of the million times i've watched this movie, i noticed new things too! i guess its because since the picture is sooo huge infront of you, things are highlighted better for you to see.
this movie came out back in 97. haha. so it's pretty much been on of my favorites for the past 10 years. i was talking to my dad about it and he was telling me that this movie did pretty bad in theaters when it came out but when it came to dvd that it then got a huge following. that people, like my dad and i, finally discovered it and found it to be a great entertaining movie haha. they must've done some terrible plublicity for this movie back in the day then.
its pretty cool tho that the cerritos edwards theater does this kinda thing every thursday at 9pm. they always play an older movie for only 6 bucks.. :sigh: remember when movies used to only be 6 bucks...
haha after that, luis, joey and i went back to luis's house and we watched 40 year old virgin hahaha. another favorite. altho we had to watch the rated version haha so the whole time, luis and i were pointing out the parts that were missing that are in the unrated version haha.. man the unrated version is soooo much better! i didnt realize how much was missing hahaha. but its because i KNOW that movie too.
so yay. fun night of favorite movies, which i know all the lines to in both movies hahaha.
i could have gone sooo over board with saying the lines out loud for 5th element haha but i held back.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


yay school is over!
summer is here.. even tho it was like 56 degrees in the early afternoon! ugh!
but that shall pass after tmw!
i was thinking last night: it would be so weird to live somewhere where you couldnt just randomly put on a bathingsuit and go out in the backyard and/or the beach. like you know most people i guess that do not live in socali or whatever have to plan out when they wear a bathing suit you know? like they say ok well we'll be on vacation on this date out in california or hawaii or somewhere hot and so i need to go buy a bathing suit for that week. like that would just be so weird for me since i've grown up always just going.. Hrm i'll put on a bathing suit right now because its hot and i have time.
yea that was my random spat.
but yea, im happy summer is finally here.. altho now im pressured with deciding what im going to do over summer.. take school? get a job? or go to hawaii with my cuzn?
i guess i could split it down the middle and go to school first session and then go to hawaii?
but i'd rather work. but blah.
haha now im just upsetting myself when im happy its summer!
so non of that for right now!
yay summer!
now where did i put that sun?

Friday, May 18, 2007

1:08AM - the modness of hyperness

hehe im such in a good mood!
i had a great night last night and then day today and then anto calls me haha and i guess my chatterbox mind was still under the influence when my body wasnt anymore haha if that makes sense to you.. haha it makes sense to anto and me ;p and then when i got home like an hour ago i found that i got my new bathing suit that i ordered from delias and i tried it on and i've been so nervous as to if i got the right size and it fits pretty good so im so happy right now hahahaha.. i guess im a lil to tired to wanna party but im still kinda hyper like i gotta talk. hahahahaahha. so yea thas why im here. =) (=
fun stuff.
plus, to top it off, Conan is on and he's always great. and then he's talking to amy pohler (sp) and i love her on SNL too so yay.

omg.. i play WOW now haha.. im such a nerd but its hella fun once you get sucked into it.
so yea yea.. i'll hve to take a screen shot of her some time and then i can post it on here for ya'll to see what she looks like.. im a blood elf warlock hahaa.. yea that sounds sooooo geeky but i dont care coz its fun. too bad tho, the only times i can play it is at justin's house because i cant play it on my comp. coz i dont have the right graphics card. thas boo boo but oh well. i guess then it just regulates my play. coz seriously when you play it you lose track of time.

wow, i havent been so hyper like this in a long time haha. like im such in a good mood that i feel like i could only keep going higher and higher. like on a good mood streak. haha.
ah. i just love every body!
all my friends are great! you guys really are! and of course you know who you are.

and omg! thre's like a million movies coming out this summer! im gunna go broke jus trying to see them all. haha altho i always say i wanna see something and i rarely see it. so watch i'll prolly only watch like shrek and pirates.. and everything else i wont get around to doing .. we'll see.

ha hahaha.
ok yea.
i guess im done!
talk to you guys later! <3

Current mood: giggly

Thursday, April 5, 2007

11:13PM - What do you think???

looks familiar right?
but can you believe that this picture is actually taken from THE SUPER MARIO BROS movie with, yes, John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins made back in 1993!!! crazy right?
and then even when you slow mode thru this clip you can even see an airplane flying.
i was watching this movie the other day coz i liked this movie when i was little and decided to rent it and im watching it and bam i see this and i was totally weirded out!
this clip happens when the two dimensions are merging together when that stupid lizard lady steals the meteorite crystal and the worlds start to become one. and oddly enough, the twin towers are the only buildings in the shot that are being deteriorated. and especially when you pause it, the weird disintegrating effect they use in the movie looks like smoke.
i think its one thing to make these buildings look like they all worn out but for one to have a huge hole at the TOP of it like on 9/11 is really freaky! i mean i was one of those people that actually watched it live on tv that morning because i was up at 530 our time. i always got up at 5 am and watched tv in the morning while i ate breakfast. and those buildings in the movie look exact.


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